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en Pans Bottom basket 1b reEtag Etagere * The etagere and the space underneath can be used for small cups and glasses or for larger items of cutlery, such as wooden spoons or serving cutlery. The etagere can be folded up if not required. &/,&. * Depending on the model, a 3-fold height adjustment is possible. To do this, first place the etagere vertically and pull up, then place at a slight angle, push down to the required height (1, 2, or 3) and snap into place. ndkosiFlgpe Tip Heavily soiled utensils (pans) should be placed in the bottom basket. The more powerful spray jet provides a better dishwashing result. Tip Other examples, such as the best way of loading your dishwasher, can be found on our homepage as a free download. The corresponding Internet address can be found on the back page of these instructions for use. Folding spikes * * depending on model The spikes can be folded down to improve arrangement of pans, bowls and glasses. Cutlery basket You should always place cutlery unsorted with the points downwards. To prevent injuries, place long, pointed implements and knives on the knife shelf. 10