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en Small accessories holder * aledm roscSih * depending on model Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups, lids, etc. can be held securely in the small accessories holder. Adjusting the height of the basket * tekshbaugdAjstiheofn * depending on model If required, the height of the upper utensils basket 1" can be adjusted to provide more space for tall utensils either in the upper or lower basket. Appliance height 81.5 cm Top basket Setting 1 max. Setting 2 max. Setting 3 max. 22 cm 24.5 cm 27 cm Top basket Bottom basket 30 cm 27.5 cm 25 cm Bottom basket 33 cm 30.5 cm 28 cm Appliance height 86.5 cm Knife shelf * fehsl fKien * depending on model Long knives and other utensils can be arranged horizontally. Setting 1 max. Setting 2 max. Setting 3 max. 24 cm 26.5 cm 29 cm Select one of the two following procedures according to the design of the top basket for your appliance model: 11