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en Top basket with side levers Pull out the top basket 1" out. To lower the basket, press in the left and then the right lever on the outside of the basket. In doing so, hold the sides of the basket along the upper edge to prevent it from suddenly dropping. Detergent You can use tablets as well as powder or liquid detergents for dishwashers, but never use washing up liquid. The dosage can be individually adjusted with powder or a liquid detergent according to the degree of soiling. Tablets contain an adequately large amount of active ingredients for all cleaning tasks. Modern, powerful detergents predominantly use a low-alkaline formulation with phosphate and enzymes. Phosphates bond the lime in the water. Enzymes break down starch and remove protein. Phosphate-free detergents are less frequent. These have a slightly weaker lime bonding capacity and require a higher dosage. To remove coloured stains (e.g. tea, tomato sauce), oxygenbased bleaching agents are usually used. Note To ensure a good washing result, always follow the instructions on the detergent packaging! If you have further questions, we recommend that you contact the detergent manufacturers' helpline. To raise the basket, hold the basket on the sides of the upper edge and lift it up. Before re-inserting the basket again, ensure that it is at the same height on both sides. Otherwise, the appliance door cannot be closed and the upper spray arm will not be connected to the water circuit. Top basket with upper and lower roller pairs Pull out the top basket 1" out. Remove the upper basket and reattach it to the upper (stage 3) or lower (stage 1) rollers. =Warning Read and observe the safety information and instructions for use on the packaging for cleaning and rinsing agents. 12