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en Adding detergent If the detergent dispenser 9" is still closed, press the lock 9* to open the detergent dispenser. Pour detergent into the dry detergent dispenser 9" only (insert tablet flat, not on its edge). Dosage: see manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. The graduated detergent dispenser 9" helps you add the correct amount of powder or liquid detergent. Usually 20 ml25 ml are adequate for normal soiling. If using tablets, one tablet is adequate. Tip If the utensils are only lightly soiled, slightly less than the indicated amount of detergent is usually adequate. Suitable detergents and care products can be purchased online via our website or via customer service (see back page). Combination detergent Apart from conventional detergents (Solo), a number of products are offered with additional functions. These products contain not only the detergent but also rinse-aid and salt replacement substances (3in1) and, depending on the combination (4in1, 5in1, etc.), additional components such as glass protection or stainless steel cleaner. Combination detergents function only up to a specific degree of hardness (usually 26 Clarke). Over this limit salt and rinse-aid must be added. As soon as combined detergents are used, the rinse programme is adjusted automatically to ensure the best possible rinsing and drying result. PO PO PO Close the cover on the detergent dispenser by sliding it up until the lock engages without difficulty. =Warnings Do not place small parts for washing in the tablet collecting tray 12; this prevents the tablet from dissolving evenly. If you want to add more utensils after the programme has started, do not use the tablet collecting tray 12 as a handle for the upper basket. The tablet could already be there and you will touch the partially dissolved tablet. The detergent dispenser opens automatically at the optimum time depending on the programme. The powder or liquid detergent is distributed in the appliance and is dissolved, the tablet falls into the tablet collecting tray where it dissolves in doses. 13