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en Notes You will obtain optimum rinsing and drying results by using solo detergents and applying salt and rinse aid separately. If programmes are short, tablets may not have full cleaning effect due to different dissolving properties and there may even be undissolved detergent residue. It is recommended to use washing powder for these programmes. The Intensive programme (on some models) requires one tab only. When using washing powder, you can apply some of this cleaning agent to the inside of the appliance's door. Even if the rinse-aid and/or salt refill indicator is lit, the rinse programme will run correctly with combined detergents. If using detergents in a water-soluble protective cover: Take hold of the cover with dry hands only and put the detergent into an absolutely dry detergent dispenser only, otherwise the detergent may stick. If you switch from combined detergents to solo detergents, ensure that the water softening system and amount of rinse aid have been set to the correct value. 14