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en Overview of programmes The max. possible number of programmes is illustrated in this overview. The corresponding programmes for your appliance can be found on the fascia. Type of utensils Type of soiling Programme Possible additional Programme sequence options Prerinse Clean 70 Intermediate rinse Final rinse 65 Dry Is optimised according to the soiling with the aid all of sensors. Prerinse Clean 50 Intermediate rinse Final rinse 65 Dry Intensive zone Prerinse Express Wash/ Clean 40 Speed Perfect Intermediate rinse (VarioSpeed) Final rinse 55 Half load Dry Extra drying Clean 45 Extra drying Intermediate rinse Final rinse 55 none Prerinse pots and pans, non-sensitive utensils and cutlery very adhesive burned-in or dried-on food remnants containing starch or protein / Intensive 70 Auto 45 65 mixed utensils and cutlery part dried, common household food remnants / Eco 50 sensitive utensils, cutlery, slightly adhesive, temperaturefresh food remnants sensitive plastic and glasses / Gentle 40 / Quick 45 all types of utensils cold rinsing, intermediate cleaning / Prerinse Programme selection You can select a suitable programme according to the type of utensils and degree of soiling. Information for test institutes Test institutes can request the conditions for running comparison tests by sending an e-mail to Quote the appliance number (E Nr.) and the production date (FD) which you can find on the rating plate 92 on the appliance door. 15