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en Special salt $ Using special salt Always refill with special salt immediately before switching on the appliance. This ensures that overrun special salt solution is immediately washed out and does not corrode the rinsing tank. Open the screw-type cap of the compartment 1J. Fill the tank with water (only required when switching on the appliance for the first time). Then add dishwasher salt (not table salt or tablets). The water is displaced and runs out. As soon as the salt refill indicator ` on the fascia is lit, top up the salt. twtneop hcm ersialong D Using detergents with salt component If combined detergents with a salt component are used, salt can usually be omitted up to a water hardness of 21 dH (37 fH, 26 Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l). If the water hardness is over 21 dH, special salt must be used. Switching off salt refill indicator/ water softening system nseigytmnhSwticigoatersf If the salt refill indicator ` is impaired (e.g. when using combined detergents containing salt component), it can be switched off. Proceed as described under "Adjusting the water softening system" and set the value to : . The water softening system and salt refill indicator are now switched off. =Warning Never fill the salt dispenser with detergent. You will destroy the water softening system. * depending on model 7